CBA Brno

[CCD explorer] - new blog of my observing sessions... This page will be dedicated only to future CBA observations (which are not so frequent used to be :)
Czech Republic / Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium
Where are we... Masaryk University dome with 0.6m

This CBA station is one of the world-wide network of variable stars observers. Main stress is laid on quick and precise photometry of cataclysmic variable stars. Some deep-sky imaging and astrophoto is performed too but presented only ocasionally. In any case of contact please use email address codel (at) astronomy (dot) cz.


Newtonian telescope d=40cm, f=1,7m
CCD ST-7XMEI,ST-7(former), BVRI Kron-Cousins
Newtonian telescope d=60cm, f=?? mm
CCD ST-8, BVRI Kron-Cousins
of Masaryk University (Monte Boo Observatory).


Munipack for photometry reductions
NightView for CCD control


Deep Sky

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